Saturday, 27 September 2014

Hairspray Hair Bun

I took a trip to Dublin recently and stumbled across a shop called Hairspray, they are hair extension specialists and have a massive range of different extensions to suit any budget or hair colour. 

I decided that I would buy a hair scrunchie to give my hair a bit of extra volume when I put it up and I absolutely love it. 

The ladies in the shop matched my hair up to get the best match possible (there were loads of colours) and I loved it so much I even opted to wear it out of the shop! 

 Here are some before and after pics:

This scrunchie is made from artificial hair and cost me around 15 euros, which was a complete bargain in my opinion. 

It is really easy to wash, you just use mild baby shampoo and let it dry naturally and it looks great when dry. 

I like using this when I have no time to do much with my hair, it creates an up style pretty effortlessly and saves me loads of time in the morning! Also its quite easy to accesorise with a nice hair band or  to make it look more jazzy and make it look like you've put in even more effort!

Thanks for reading 
Lorraine xx


  1. This looks really nice and super easy! I'll have to go looking for one. :)

  2. I love it and it looks great on you! I need to find something like this, it's fantastic.